Mark’s Top Tips For Aussie Digital Agencies

Since opening the doors to our new Melbourne office and a subsequent feature in Mumbrella, we’ve been regularly asked what makes a great agency and what to look out for when choosing a digital agency? Here’s Mark’s Top 5 Tips for agencies today:

1. Get to know your client - It’s a relationship, not a transaction. Engage with your clients as humans and business partners, not just meal tickets or contracts. Spend the time in the early stages to connect and truly understand the personal and business challenges, the goals and needs of the client.

2. Strategy first- Digital marketing should serve the total marketing and business strategy – not be a singular or separate activity. Don’t just follow the latest trends, Google and Facebook features and tips, or chase the competition. Create and design campaigns and plans which support the marketing strategies, address specific challenges and goals, and achieve real results which strengthen the business and brand.

3. Think long-term - in a world full of instant gratification, quick fixes and fear of commitment, it’s important to commence all engagements with a long-term view. Aim to stick around and develop respectful and trusting partnerships for the long haul. We start with a three-year marketing plan for many of our clients.

4. Keep it real - we’ve heard nightmare stories about digital agencies that bamboozle and pull the wool over their client’s eyes. Avoid using industry or technical jargon, and always communicate in simple clear language that everyone understands.

5. Build the dream team – handpick your team to not only be highly qualified and motivated, but to also align with your business model and values. Your people, how you communicate and the day-to-day care factor and attitude is what will set you apart from the rest.

Sentius is ready to shake up the local marketing agency industry, and is boldly calling for digital agencies to move away from their fixation on reach, likes and clicks and take on a strategic, consultative approach for real business and marketing results.

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